Being a savvy shopper with finding glass pipes in Australia requires a combination of instinct and commonsense.

One of these characteristics will be easier to acquire than the other, but over time tobacco smokers will know what process works, which businesses to deal with and how to identify a top deal.

This is an industry that is still considered something of a niche, but there is growing popularity amongst community members who want to enjoy a quality hit while taking advantage of a safe and secure smoking experience.

Instead of taking outlets on face value, there are 5 savvy shopping tips that will points consumers in the right direction with their glass pipes in Australia.


1) Top Sellers Only

Shoppers should only be finding glass pipes in Australia from licensed outlets who rank well with their constituents. This is an easy exercise to engage when taking stock of the rating out of 5 stars for the business, the feedback written by other customers, how many followers the brand has on social media and any proof of authentication or connections with local associations. It is not too difficult to stumble upon sellers who do not enjoy this same level of credibility as they entice consumers due to their low prices. The safe bet is to stick with proven entities to ensure a quality return on investment.


2) Appropriate Sized Pipes

In order for tobacco smokers to get genuine value for money with their glass pipes in Australia, they should be able to purchase an outlet that is the right size for their needs. Newcomers to this pastime will commonly prefer smaller models that can be showcased with the 10mm brands. Others who prefer a bigger hit for their tobacco consumption will usually gravitate to the 14.4mm or larger 18.8mm designs. There will be varieties in this instance when taking into account the flexibility in shapes and artistic creations, but participants should be able to access the size of the pipe they feel comfortable using and storing.


3) Cleaning Kits Included

glass pipe

The quality of the smoking experience is directly linked to the quality of glass pipes in Australia. Once this area has been neglected with the use of a dirty pipe, then the remainder of the exercise has been compromised. The best packages offered from these sellers will include a cleaning kit complete with alcoholic wipes, collections of salt and/or instructional guides that give participants a chance to utilise dish soap and hot water. Whatever method is embraced, this element has to be spotless prior to use.


4) Safe Delivery Provided

There is no escaping from the fact that glass pipes in Australia are delicate products to maneuver from the warehouse to the customer’s front door. One slight fall or slip with the box and the entire apparatus can crack. By working with a reputable courier in this instance, outlets are ensuring that they are looking after the customer’s best interests and overseeing their reverse logistics processes to the most efficient level possible. A warranty or insurance policy for protection will help to provide shoppers with peace of mind in the event that there is an issue with the shipping.


5) Loyalty Points & Discounts

Loyal tobacco smokers make for great business and this is where brands of glass pipes in Australia should reflect that loyalty with consumer rewards and discounts. This is a means of incentivising extra business and supporting those consumers who return for further investment. They can start with modest discounts and the initial accumulation of points, but customers will be happy returning to the same site or store if they know their business will provide them further returns for future transactions.