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Being a new mum can be an exciting yet scary time in your life. If you are a new mum, it can be quite confronting all these new things happening at once. So, it could be a good idea that if you know a new mum you get her a nice gift to show her how much you mean to her.

There are a lot of different presents out there to get a new mum, so it is important that you think about what you are going to get. That way you will get her something that she likes. Things like a new mum gift box is always a pretty good option because it comes packed with a lot of different stuff.

No matter what you give the new mum, it is always the thought that counts. But if you are really lacking for ideas, have a read on below at some of the best presents to get a new mum:


Cleaning Voucher

Being a new mum is extremely time consuming and she probably will not have time for anything else then looking after the new baby. This is why giving her a cleaning voucher can really come in handy. With all the mess the baby is going to make, coupled with the fact that there may not be enough time to clean the house, can make for a very untidy space.

A cleaning voucher just means there is one less thing she needs to worry about. If she hasn’t used a cleaner before then it is a good idea to do some research and find examples of some of the best cleaners in the area or even go onto places like Air Tasker to see what is out there.


Gift Box or Hamper

As touched on in the introduction, a gift box or hamper is the perfect gift for a new mum. There are so many different options for the new mum gift box, so it is easy to find one that you think she will like the most. Look to find something that has a little bit of everything, stuff for her as well as stuff for the baby.

Sometimes you even have the option to build the gift box or hamper yourself or make it yourself. This can provide that extra personal touch that can really make her feel special. If you are making the gift box or hamper yourself try to see what is essential for her during this time and include it in.


Pampering Voucher

pregnant woman looking at her tummy

After nine months and giving birth to a child, it can put a lot of strain on the body; so one pretty awesome option is to provide the new mum with a voucher for a pampering session. There are a lot of different ways for the new mum to get pampered, so you’ve certainly got a choice to make!

Sometimes you could even do couples pampering session where you both go in together for whatever you choose. It could be a day spa with facials or massages, or it could be something as simple as getting your hair and nails done together. Something that will make her feel special and just a little bit more relaxed.



Honestly, you can pretty much never go wrong with food (unless you buy her food that she is allergic too!). A food hamper can be a good option here as you are providing her with some delicious treats. Otherwise, you could think outside the box and sign her up to a meal box service the delivers the food to make meals to her door, which will save her a lot of time.