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A first time patient booking in for an after hours doctor should be ready with a series of key questions.

A majority of local constituents will wait for business hours or head to the hospital in case of emergency.

Yet there are expert practitioners who make house visits and give online referral, leave their practice doors open or have a room within a hospital reserved for those that want to see their GP before 9am or after 5pm.

This is a niche within a niche and because of those unique circumstances, it is worthwhile obtaining the right type of information when the opportunity presents itself.

Let us detail some of the most prevalent questions for your after hours doctor.


“Do You Have Access To My Medical Records?”

First time patients seeing an after hours doctor will need to receive the reassurance that the practitioner has reviewed their medical history. This is information that ventures beyond the mundane details because it will help to formulate the right types of treatments that individuals need to receive. From potential allergies and ailments that are considered preconditions, this is key information that will allow the doctor to institute the right care for the right individual. It will also illustrate the doctor’s capacity to document the appointment within those records and add to the medical database, ensuring they are not a rogue operator.


“Is There Anything Extra I Can Do To Improve My Condition?”

When seeing your after hours doctor, they will advise or institute any number of treatments there on the day or night. From writing a script for medicine to healing a wound, issuing an injection or booking in for an x-ray, they will already be considering the processes required for the interim period. However, during the downtime there can be activities and techniques that can improve personal conditioning, ranging from movements to dietary habits and breathing patterns. The more information that is gleaned from the visit, the better position the patient will be for future consultations.


“What Are The Benefits Of Seeing You During Business Hours?”

There are two distinctive categories when it comes to the after hours doctor – those who only operate after or before normal hours and those that select a mixture on their professional schedule. If they happen to fall into the latter category, they will be able to offer their own insight into the benefits of seeing their patients between the regular Monday to Friday 9am-5pm timetable. This can include access to extra resources for x-rays and medical assistance to easier booking times and availability of services. Should they fall into the former category, they can also advise patients if they have colleagues who work during normal hours as well.


“How Can I Pay and For How Much?”

Unfortunately an after hours doctor is not entirely covered financially for a majority of constituents. Even with good private health insurance coverage, there will be home visitations that come with a premium price for the inconvenience and logistics involved for the medical practitioner. However, there will be practices and hospital rooms left open after hours that are covered under these scenarios. To avoid any last minute shocks and financial surprises, engage with these specialists and inquire about their pricing scheme to be up to date.


“When Are You Available In The Area?”

If the first time patient is satisfied with the work of the after hours doctor, then it is important to glean when they are available within the area. These practitioners can easily switch between locations and alter their timetable within the dynamic of a medical practice, so gauging their availability is key for many constituents. The hassle involved with relaying the same information to a new practitioner is frustrating, so it is important to acquire their availability when a booking is made.